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Cognac begins with a bunch of grapes, and grape vines get their nutrients from the soil. The territory of Azerbaijan, with its picturesque mountains and valleys, has been producing the most refined and enchanting cognacs for centuries. Their strength and quality have stood the test of time. Sunshine, the wisdom of centuries, the fragrance of the south and the warmth from the hands of winemakers go into cognac produced by MOSAZERVINZAVOD JSC.

…According to the French, cognac gets its elegance from its balance of strength and delicacy. This is the reason why many appreciate the cognacs of Azerbaijan. MOSAZERVINZAVOD JSC, founded in 1925, is the flagship of Russia's cognac production. The quality of Azerbaijani cognacs is proven by awards, medals and certificates from national and international exhibitions.

 Today our distillery is a modern Russian enterprise with an interesting history, traditions and vast experience in working with the best Russian and foreign winemakers. The original recipe of our cognacs is created by the best specialists in the distillery's own laboratory. Good quality at affordable prices sets us apart!

 Today the enterprise runs over 40 product lines. Cognacs and cognac spirits are supplied to the distillery from Geokchay, Shemkir, Khanlar, Ganja, Shemakha and other regions of Azerbaijan. In pure form, cognacs are classically paired with coffee, chocolate and cigars.

 It is customary to slightly warm a glass of cognac in the palms to fully experience the aroma of the drink. A famous French proverb says: "Cognac makes better all that it touches".

History of the distillery.

Our company is one of the leaders in cognac production in Russia. This industry veteran, founded in 1925, rightly has an impeccable reputation in the alcohol market and is perhaps the only one in Russia that owns brands popular with several generations of the USSR and Russia. Over the span of 92 years our enterprise has won not only prestigious awards and certificates from international and Russian exhibitions, but the most important thing for us is the trust and satisfaction of the public .