Founded in 1925
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 History of the distillery.

Our company is one of the leaders in cognac production in Russia. This industry veteran, founded in 1925, rightly has an impeccable reputation in the alcohol market and is perhaps the only one in Russia that owns brands popular with several generations of the USSR and Russia. Over the span of 92 years our enterprise has won not only prestigious awards and certificates from international and Russian exhibitions, but the most important thing for us is the trust and satisfaction of the public .

In our work, we strictly adhere to the rule of using only natural and environmentally friendly products to produce high-quality cognacs. Cognacs and cognac spirits are supplied to the distillery from the ancient wine-making regions of Azerbaijan – Gek-Gel, Khachmaz, Shemakha, Ganja, Goychay, Khanlar and others.

The reason behind the high demand for our products is the company's policy – "Quality products at an affordable price!" The product is produced in branded original bottles, souvenir boxes and with protected original labels. The modern and stylish design of our products is favourably showcased on store shelves.

Our distillery is a modern high-tech enterprise. This is a team of professionals who possess a lot of experience and are proud of their company. We offer flexible conditions of work with customers, reliable deliveries, stable good quality products and much more.

We look forward to initiating a dialogue and then gradually expanding our mutually beneficial ties. To this end, we suggest that you consider our proposal for the following types of cognacs and table wines: