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New times bring new trends, new generations choose different symbols. Yet one thing remains unchanged: the desire to choose the best...

Today we are on a visit to one of Moscow’s most outstanding cognac and natural wine enterprises – Mosazervinzavod CJSC. The enterprise, an industry-veteran founded in 1925, rightly has an impeccable business reputation in the alcohol market and is perhaps the only one in Russia that owns brands popular with several generations of the USSR and Russia. Not every company can claim this!



Terroir is a unique combination of soil-climatic conditions, cultural-historical and winemaking traditions, which makes winemaking possible.

In the world, there is a corner of paradise, the name of which is Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan occupies a small territory on the world map. However, out of eleven climatic zones existing on the Earth, there are 9 in Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan is practically a miniature world in itself, how such a thing can exist in such a small territory remains a global mystery. No other country can boast of such a vast "collection". Here you can observe all four seasons at the same time. The lush vegetation of the humid subtropics adjoins the zone of eternal snows and the glaciers of Shahdag and Murovdag, while the forests of Ismail and Kelbajar filled with spring scents border the sultry Mugan and Shirvan steppes.

It is not for nothing that the South Caspian region is the birthplace of the vine. In Zagatala, Yevlakh and other regions there are still wild grape vines that twist through trees.


For centuries throughout Azerbaijan, with its picturesque mountains and valleys, the local people have been growing dozens of grape varieties: AG KHALILI, GARA KHALILI, GYZYL IZYUM, ASKERI, HUSEINI, ORDUBADI, KISHIMISHI, TEBERZE, SHAFAI, MERMERI, SAKHIBI, MATRASA and others (as early as in the 19th century there were more than 60 species).

Cognac spirits, as a rule, are made of BAYAN SHIREY and TAVKVERI grape varieties – known for their pleasant taste, high enough sugar content and refreshing acidity.

One invaluable advantage over other regions of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia is that Azerbaijan is the only republic where the grape vine is not hidden from freezes for the winter. This was noticed by the German immigrants. Cognac distilleries were built in Azerbaijan, and only a few years later the products of the Yelenendorf (now Khanlar) distillery were awarded gold medals at world exhibitions: in London (1887), Munich and Poitiers (1889), in Paris (1900), Lyon (1901).

And in Soviet times, hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland in Azerbaijan were vineyards. Viniculture reached its peak in 1984 – then the republic took first place in the USSR.



The history of the distillery begins in 1925, when the wine warehouses of Azvintrest were united. By the end of the 1920s, semi-automatic machines for bottling wine were installed and everything else had to be done manually. But years went by, many things changed for the better. Wine from Azerbaijan was transported in railway tanks, which required an increase in the area of storage facilities and reconstruction of the distillery itself.

By 1985, its capacity was already 1,400 thousand dekalitres. The production of the distillery was known in all corners of the USSR. The older generation warmly recalls the high quality and affordability of the legendary AGDAM, 777 port wines, SHEMAKHA Cahors, ALABASHLY, MATRASA, KYURDAMIR, and AKSTAFA wines. Despite the lack of advertising in those years, it was a big hit! People simply chose quality drinks, trusting the reputation of the distillery, and not advertising slogans, as in today's days.


Today the distillery is a modern Russian enterprise with an interesting history, traditions and vast experience in working with the best Russian and foreign winemakers. In 1997, Elman Bayramov became the head of Mosavervizhavod CJSC, and at that moment the next era of the company's success began. Over these years, the company has completely revamped itself with modern equipment and continues to introduce new technologies.

The enterprise produces over 40 product lines. These are ordinary and vintage cognacs, natural wines, port wines, vermouths. The original recipe for the cognac is created by the best specialists in the distillery's own laboratory.

In their work, the distillery's management strictly adheres to the rule of only using natural and environmentally friendly products to produce high-quality cognacs. Cognacs and cognac spirits are supplied to the distillery from the ancient wine-making regions of Azerbaijan – Shemakha, Ganja, Goychay, Khanlar and others.


The huge popularity of cognac today naturally led to the fact that a large number of new producers of this noble drink appeared.

But so did the damage to its good name and, often, to the health of consumers. Thanks to marketing experts, countless legends and fables about brand-new drinks are springing up.

Mosaservinzavod CJSC puts little emphasis on self-promotion. But at the same time, all the energy and expertise of specialists is aimed at creating quality drinks, preserving the time-honoured secrets of blending and assemblage. After all, creating cognac is a complex art that is passed down by winemakers from generation to generation. The enterprise also has "paradise" cellar masters in its ranks!

Thanks to the above, Mosaservinzavod CJSC is perhaps the single owner of the most viable cognac brands in Russia.



Judge for yourself:

Three- and five-star cognacs - 1925.


vintage VS cognac –1974.


vintage VSOP cognac –1946.


vintage VS cognac –1948


vintage VS cognac –1967



vintage VS cognac –1967


vintage VS cognac –1977

Staraya Ploshchad

vintage VS cognac –2002

All these cognacs have received various awards and prizes for quality at prestigious exhibitions in Russia and abroad. This has led to enormous popularity among the public.


Flexible methods of working with customers, reliable deliveries, quality products, advertising support and a well-established logistics network are just a few of the reasons behind why the company is respected by its partners.

Therefore, over the past few years, the geography of sales has expanded significantly: from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, Blagoveshchensk and from Arkhangelsk to Krasnodar Krai.

But the management of the enterprise does not live by illusions, and after carrying out market research and analysing the results of research on consumer preferences, they decided to release Apsheron and Staraya Ploshchad cognacs, both aged for a period of five years. A new line of high-quality wines will also be presented under the general brand of the distillery.

The unusual shape and original design of our bottles and labels make our products stand out on store shelves. And while maintaining a high level of quality at affordable prices, management hopes to maintain its leadership positions in the ECONOMY and MEDIUM-CLASS segments and conquer new markets.

Knowing today what customers will want tomorrow is the business of leaders! Trust the professionals!